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All Types of Equipment Lease Finance


Your LaRoche® Advantage

Computers, cell phones, and other equipment

If you lease computers, cell phones, fax machines, or other equipment, you can deduct the part of the lease cost that reasonably relates to earning your commission income.

You can also deduct the part of airtime expenses for a cell phone that reasonably relates to earning your commission income. However, you cannot deduct amounts you paid to connect or license the cell phone.

If you buy a computer, cell phone, fax machine, or other such equipment, you cannot deduct the cost. Also, you cannot deduct capital cost allowance or interest you paid on money you borrowed to buy this equipment.

Completing your tax return

Enter the amount on the Other expenses line (9270) of Form T777, Statement of Employment Expenses.

Enter on line 229, the allowable amount of your employment expenses from the total expenses line of Form T777.

Forms and publications

A equipment finance lease agreement.  Is exactly the type of supporting, business expense documentation, a CRA Tax Auditor wants to see.  It concisely lists your equipment and monthly expense.  Making your business expense claim easily understood.

Makes your bookkeeping easy too.  One monthly entry in your books and your done.  No complicated Depreciation Schedules and Capital Cost Allowance Legislation to interpret at your own peril.  

LaRoche® equipment lease finance can cut your tax burden. The result financing which pays for itself.  No wonder® financing, is the envy of the business finance world.

No bank loan, mortgage, Equity Line of Credit or investor comes close, to this LaRoche® advantage. Call to find out how, you can save hard earned money.

#4 For professionals, a LaRoche®, type equipment finance lease .  Is the only acceptable equipment business expense for your Tax Return.

With equipment financing you are in control.  Choose from 24 months to 66 month terms. Your in control how quickly to write off equipment against income.  Increasing your competitive position for upgrading to new equipment..

“I can’t think of any particular asset more suited to the  benefits of leasing than computer hardware”, states Robert Jarman, B.A., L.L.B. and lecturer at Seneca College on tax law.  “The deduction for Capital Cost Allowance is simply not as great in most cases as the deduction permitted in respect of leasing payments and this is significant in the case of computer hardware which becomes obsolete rapidly.  In addition not everyone can even claim Capital Cost Allowance making leasing the only means of decreasing their tax burden.”

LaRoche has been nurturing customer loyalty with understandable, fair equipment leasing finance terms, respect and gratitude since 1989.  

Practicing a belief in customer awareness, simplicity, equanimity and non-harming.  

We have helped our customers, dedicate time and energy to what matters most. Running a succesful business.

The  majority of our business is from repeat customers.  Actual hard working, end users of  equipment needed to earn a living. Customers with equipment concerns which last years.  Not just a "Close the Sale" and forget it mentality.

You have the comfort of knowing the only cost used for your payment.  Was the equipment cost.  Not a vendor marketing loyality plan.  The result lower monthly payments for you the business owner.

It's accepted customers are just smarter than others.  They know there should be sound reasons for doing something. Like the  equipment finance options, offered by LaRoche, are good for business.  

#1 Finance Which Pays for Itself

#3 Easy Accounting and Canada Revenue Agency Compliance

#5 Control Your Protection from Equipment Obsolescence.

#6 Conserve your Credit and Cash.  Lease equipment which depreciates in value.  Invest in things which increase your company's worth. Like raw material and wages.

There are few sources of money open to the business owner.   Like an Operating Line of Credit from a bank or loan.  Diminishing this channel for money to cover operating expenses, with equipment purchases, can be risky.  Your Balance Sheet strength matters.

LaRoche® can demonstrate how to get the equipment you need now. Leaving your sources of operating capital untouched and available for lien times and the unexpected.

Give your company the financial fortitude to make it threw tight times.  Conserve your operating credit with LaRoche equipment finance for your equipment purchases.

#6 Unmatched real world Asset Matching Principle and critical accounting insight.

As a busy, multitasking business owner. Having clear insight into individual  equipment cost, to run your business, is critical. LaRoche  equipment lease finance, aids you, in providing mission critial insight into your business.  

Ease of use of LaRoche equipment finance lease options. Aid in determining  business health statistics knowledge. Which profitable business rely on.   For example:

- Cash Flow Analysis

- Break Even Analysis  

- Asset Matching Principle

By employing an equipment specific lease finance agreement. LaRoche  provides precise knowledge into equipment expenses.  Ease of insight other forms of catch-all financing lacks.

#2 Purchase your equipment from the vendor of your choice.

LaRoche® financing gives you real mobility to shop around. To find the best equipment deal. You work hard and deserve the best value for your money.  Your equipment finance from LaRoche is tied to you.  To be used at the vendor of your choice.

The vendor you choose will have the peace of mind of prompt payment.  Plus you will have, the increased stature of being a qualified customer.  With the proven capacity to pay. Once you have confirmed, the equipment has been delivered to you.  Payment is promptly made to the vendor.  

#7 Build a strong Balance Sheet using LaRoche Unlike a credit damaging loan, mortgage or Equity Line of Credit.

It's rare for the private business owner to have an equipment financing source.  Which is beneficial to their business's Balance Sheet.  Unlike unhealthy Equity Line of Credit, loan or mortgage.  LaRoche equipment lease finance is healthy practice for your business to acquire equipment.  

Call to find out how using LaRoche® can enhance the health of these critical business ratios for you:

- Debt Ratio: Business liquidity

- Debt to Equity Ratio: Measure of business leverage

- Current Ratio: Ability to meet short term financial obligations

- Quick (Acid Test) Ratio: Stress tested Current Ratio

- Return on Equity

#8  Conscientious Philosophy of Finance Fairness